Speaker Biography

Martin Quirke

Dublin Institute of Technology Ireland

Title: Next generation Nano enabled antibiotics

Martin Quirke

Martin Quirke went onto study third level in Dublin Institute of Technology were he graduated with a first class honours degree in Science and Nanotechnology majoring in physics. The title of his PhD project is “Next generation nano antibiotics”. The main focus of study is the antimicrobial capabilities of water stable C60 fullerenes and whether or not they can act as a viable drug delivery system to treat pathogenic MDR bacteria, such as E.coli and MRSA. He was very much accustomed to physics given it was always his favoured subject so he gathered a PhD project outside my comfort zone would be fun.  He is currently in the final year of his PhD studies and coming to the end of what has been a long 10 year plan. From second level education, to third and finally forth, a PhD has been the main goal. 


The objective of my research was to design, synthesise and tailor a nanoparticle-antibiotic conjugate capable of a multi-targeted approach to MDR pathogenic bacterial infections. Post-synthesis the mechanisms of interaction between the conjugate and the bacteria will be elucidated, to allow for refinement and optimisation of the multi-targeted approach. This work will develop new methodologies and standards for testing the antimicrobial properties of novel nanomaterials.