Speaker Biography

Michal M. Godlewski

Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Poland

Title: Multimodal nanoparticles for medical applications

Michal M. Godlewski


Cancer diseases prompt an enormous medical challenge for the highly-developed countries. The increasing life-span and epidemic of civilisation-related diseases, combined with the ever decreasing quality of the environment cumulates the exposure risks and potential for cancer development. Currently, cancer-related deaths may for the first time in history become the major cause of death in the developed countries. Furthermore, current diagnostic and therapeutic strategies are inadequate, as they are commonly failing to detect small tumours, metastases and eradicate them.

Exponentially growing field for research in the nanomaterials prompts an enormous potential of possible applications of nanoparticles in medicine. We focused on the applications of biocompatible, high-k oxide, nanoparticles (NPs) in the field of cancer diagnosis and therapy. This work was focused on the potential development of multimodal detection-therapeutic system with dopant-dependent contrasting properties in the magnetic and fluorescent resonance.

Mice received suspension of hydrothermally created nanoparticles (10 mg/ml, 0.3 ml/mouse) via gastric gavage. All protocols were according to the EU guidelines and approved by 2/2012 and 13/2015 LEC agreements. Following oral administration, nanoparticles were passively targeted to all tumour tissues most probably by enhanced permeation and retention (EPR) effect. In the lungs NPs were targeted specifically to the areas of metastases making them a highly specific diagnostic tool for cancer in this tissue.