Smart Drug Delivery Technology

Several smart drug delivery platforms are based on phospholipid neutral nanoliposomes. Where conventional conventional liposomal methods encounter manufacturing problems related to sizing, uniformity, loading, storage, and compatibility enhancement, which can be overcome by using true nanotechnology to generate liposomes on scaffolds that self-assemble discrete DNA. Smart drug delivery systems are used to deliver drugs to the host. The biological information detected by the biosensors is analysed and the drug delivery system is operated to deliver the drug based on that information. Drug pumps based on MEMS or NEMS technology, micro-pumps, micro-needles, micro-osmosis pumps and nano-pumps are used for smarter drug delivery. One of the current concerns about self-assembled nanotechnology is that it has progressed so far beyond the current drug paradigm that it is becoming problematic from a regulatory perspective. Although there are currently no drug treatments that are used directly in these cancers.


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